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Condensed Curriculum Vitae 2011

K. Locana Gunaratna


- Architectural Association School of Architecture, London
Diploma in Architecture (AA Dipl)

- Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Masters Degree in City Planning (MCP)

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Research Fellow in the Special Program in Urban & Regional Studies of Developing Areas

- University of Colombo
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


- Vice President, National Academy of Sciences, Sri Lanka (NASSL)
- General President (2006), Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS)
- President (1999-2001), Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka (ITPSL)
- Chairman, Board of Town Planning Education (1998-1999)
Institute of Town Planner in Sri Lanka (ITPSL)
- President, Social Science Section (1996-97)
Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS)
- Founding Chairman, Asian Committee for Architectural Education (1985 -1988)
Architects Regional Council for Asia (ARCASIA )
- Chairman, Board of Architectural Education, (1980-1983, 1985-1987, 1995-1997)
- Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA)
- President (1979-1980), Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA)

- Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, Sri Lanka (NASSL)
- Fellow, Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (FIASL)
- Fellow, Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka (FITPSL)
- Member, Royal Institute of British Architects, London (RIBA)
- Member, Sri Lanka Economics Association


- SLIA Design Award for Tea Research Institute at Talawakelle (1996)


2005 to date - Senior Advisor, Ministry of Urban Development
2006 to date - Member of the Board of Management, National Science Foundation, Colombo
1980 to date - Partner, Gunaratna Associates, Chartered Architects,
Engineers and Planning Consultants, Colombo
1978 - 1980 - Deputy General Manager (Regional & Physical Planning),
Mahaweli Development Board, Colombo
1975 - 1978 - Rural Planning Architect (Head, Settlement Planning), Irrigation Department, Colombo
1974 - 1975 - Independent Architectural and Planning Consultant, Colombo
1971 - 1973 - Fulbright Scholar in the USA
1968 - 1971 - Head, Architectural Section, State Engineering Corporation, Colombo
1966 - 1968 - Associate of a private firm of Architects in Colombo

Architectural Projects (selected)

Asiri Surgical Hospital, Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo 5. A new private hospital with all modern facilities such as ICU, CCU, Operating Theatres (2004), MRI, CT Scan, etc. Board of Investment approved project
See Project

Asiri Hospital, Kirula Road,Colombo 5. Extensions to existing hospital (1991-94,2005-07)
See Project

Asiri Hospital, Kirula Road,Colombo 5. A private 120-bed hospital facility including ICU, CCU, Operating Theatres (03), CT Scan, MRI, etc.(1981-86).

Sri Lanka Television Training Institute, Colombo 7. The main national training facility for TV with Studio, Sound Recording, Lecture Rooms, etc. (1983-84).
See Project

Digana Village, near Kandy. A residential neighbourhood planned with pre-school, primary school, clinic, club house, swimming pool etc and 255 middle-income level houses, originally occupied by staff of the Contractors to the Victoria Dam. Planning and design work done as a consultant through the CECB for the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka (1978/79).

TRI Laboratories, Talawakele. A laboratories and office complex for the Tea Research Institute. Design work done through the State Engineering Corporation (1969-71).
See Project

Planning Projects (selected)

Senior Advisor on urban and regional planning undertaken by the Ministry of Urban Development

Consultant, Region Planning Projects, National Physical Planning Department (on-going)

A Senior Consultant, Centre for National Physical Planning of the UDA (2000-2001)

Task Force Member in City Development Strategy for Colombo (UNDP/World Bank)

Team Leader / Urban Planner on a consultancy project to restructure the Urban Development Authority (1997/98).

Regional Planner in ADB funded feasibility study team of GOPA Consultants (Germany)
on the then proposed Export Processing Zone at Koggala, Sri Lanka (1990/91)

Team Leader / Physical Planner on environmental study of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka for the Central Environmental Authority.

Team Leader/Regional Planner on Land Use and Settlement Planning Sub-project of the USAID funded Maduru Oya Irrigation Project with the BERGER/ IECO/ RDC Consortium.

Team Leader / Settlement Planner in the ADB funded Sevanagala Sugar Development
Project Team of RDC, Walawe Ganga Left Bank Project. Sri Lanka (1981/82).

Publications (selected)

Author of book "Spatial Concerns in Development: A Sri Lankan Perspective" (Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi 2006)

Author of memorial lecture and publication "Science, Ethics and Professionalism" at the invitation of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS Colombo 2002)

Author of lecture and publication "The Spatial Evolution of Colombo: 1500-2000" delivered on 25th June 2002 at the invitation of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka (RASSL 2002)

Author of memorial lecture and publication "Urbanism and the Architect in Sri Lanka" delivered 8th October 1999 at the invitation of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA Colombo 1999)

Author of paper "Planning of Colombo in the 20th Century" presented on 8th September 1999 at the invitation of the National Academy of Sciences Sri Lanka (NASSL Colombo)

Author of paper and Editor of a workshop publication on the social sciences in national development
(with some funding from NORAD, SLAAS Colombo1998)

Author workshop paper on regional development in the Mahaweli Project (NASSL Colombo1998)

Author of paper and Co-editor of a book on an urban policy for Sri Lanka (ITPSL Colombo 1997)

Author of seminar paper on small and medium towns in national development (ITPSL Colombo1993)

Co-author of paper on the "Million Houses Programme of Sri Lanka" (Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing, University of Florida USA, 1993)

Co-author of book "Shelter in Sri Lanka: 1978-1991" (NHDA Colombo 1991)

Co-author of paper and Editor of book "Architectural Education in Asia" (ARCASIA 1988)

Co-author of seminar paper on rural settlement planning in Sri Lanka (SLIA Colombo 1987)

Author of a seminar paper on building for industry in Sri Lanka (SLIA Colombo 1986)

Author of the Keynote Address on the sub-theme "Human Settlements" published in the book "Environment and Development", Sri Lanka Foundation and Swedish Embassy (CEA Colombo 1994)

Author of a paper on the case for an explicit national urban policy for Sri Lanka (Economic Review Colombo 1977)